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  Togel Online Gambling Game, Some adults in Indonesia certainly know the game of gambling with lottery calls, betting by predicting the numbers that come out on a daily basis is never quiet from loyal customers at LKT4D.

The popularized gambling game is unique from the players, because they guess the numbers drawn in various ways such as codes in dreams or codes in their daily activities.

The value of the winnings is very tempting because even if only with a small nominal bet, the player has the opportunity to have more winning results than expected.

However, the game has been minimized until it is not in the area because regulations in gambling are not justified. Even though they cannot play directly with the Bandar Togel, at this time players have the opportunity to play lottery gambling online.

Togel Online Market Type

The lottery gambling game online at lkt4d.com will be more exciting for loyal customers to play, this is because there are several types of markets and a number of options for placing bets. With such an option, players can place bets they want and can have more wins.

For readers who may not know clearly from this online lottery gambling, we will try to explain it in order to easily understand the game.

First is the type of market of the online lottery game, unlike in general players make transactions with land dealers who only put numbers in accordance with the lottery numbers.

In online lottery players will find at least 4 types of markets that will assist them in placing bets, the 4 markets are:

Singapore Market (SG)

Togel on this market will definitely look very close to the players, because in general this type is a market that accompanies loyal customers in the Indonesian region with a predetermined schedule.

Usually this type will accompany the players from every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday with the closing hours of bets before the drawing of the output number, which is at 17.00 WIB. For players entering the closing hours will not be able to bet again.

Announcement of the numbers drawn in the online lottery is between 17.30-18.00 WIB. The mechanical system of removing numbers will be carried out with 7 numbered balls inserted into the calculation converter.

Kuala Lumpur (KL) Market

Togel on this market players will find 2 different types of installations on the day when the first installation schedule which is only carried out on Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays with the closing hours to install the latest is at 18.30 WIB.

The results of the announcement of the numbers drawn on this market are at 19.00 WIB, and the number drawing system carried out on the market is the same as the previous market process.

The second type is the player will find this game on a predetermined schedule, namely on Tuesday and Friday. The last time the installation and announcement results are the same as the first type.

Hong Kong (HK) market

Togel on this market will accompany his fans on a daily basis, namely Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. However, what distinguishes this type from other types is that players have the opportunity to place bets at closing hours which end at 22:30 WIB.

At the hour the results of the announcement on this market are at 23.00 WIB, and for the system the results of the spending numbers come from 4 number balls to be taken by Hongkong Pools.

Sydney Market (SYD)

This market ticket provides games on every day like the previous market, still on the difference in time that players will enjoy, namely the chance to bet by the player at 13.00 WIB. For the results of the announcement of the numbers drawn are between 14:00 to 15:00 WIB.

Type of Betting on Online Togel Games

After knowing the type of market that has been provided in gambling Togel online , then players will recognize a number of types of bets in online lottery gambling that will be played and a little explanation in how to play it.

2D, 3D and 4D tags

Installation where players will guess 2 numbers (2D), 3 numbers (3D), or 4 digits (4D) that will work out based on the structure of online lottery gambling. Where As is the number 1, the Kop is the second number, the Head is the 3rd number and the Tail is the 4th number.

For example, the number that comes out is ABCD, for players who guess 2D can put numbers on AB-BC-BD. For 3D, the numbers on ABC-BCD, and in 4D are the four numbers that come out.

Free plug

Installation where players will guess 1 number that comes out without having to guess exactly where the number is. In the A-B-C-D number the player only needs to guess one of the numbers on the 4 output numbers.

This bet is more targeted and preferred by some players because it’s easier and more likely to win than other bets.

Free 2D / plug-in logos

Placing bets from players by guessing 2 numbers without having to properly adjust the exit numbers in which position. This bet is the same as the free plug, with the difference that it only guesses 2 output numbers exactly from any 4 digits.

If there are players who have managed to guess the number with twin numbers, then the multiplication of winning results will double.

Dragon plug

Not much different from the free plug and free 2D, in the type of plug in the dragon players will guess freely 3 numbers drawn without adjusting the position of the numbers that come out.

The player who places this bet will win the adjusted multiplication, for 3 freely guessed numbers but there are twin numbers, the player’s winning value will also double.

Plug in sharp

Bets are more difficult for players to win because they will guess 1 number correctly, both from the numbers drawn to the accuracy where the numbers are positioned where.

Although guesses are made on the right number, but in the wrong position the result is that the player will not get the winning bet.

50-50 togel

Guess the number of players will be based on the numbers that come out including the number of small / large, and produce even / odd. The predictable number must be the player pairs exactly where the position of the number intended.

Basic barrel

A number guess where players have to place 2D by guessing the 2 numbers produce numbers that are small / large and include even / odd numbers.

Homo crossword

In this type the player will guess the number that comes out in 2D whether it produces a cross or a homo based on both numbers including even / odd numbers.

In cross betting players will win if the first and second numbers produce an even and odd number, but on homo bets the player will win if both 2D numbers produce even / odd numbers.

Combination logos

Guess from players who only use 1 number with the right position from 4 numbers and that number must be small / large and even / odd. All guesses in 1 number must be correct.

Zodiac sign

Betting with players must guess the number to be based on 2 numbers from the date the Chinese calendar has been prepared. Of the 12 zodiacs available on the table each year the player will win the bet.

The flower barrel is deflated

Player guesses by seeing a pair of numbers, if the initial number is greater than the second then the bet results will get deflated.

If the initial number is smaller than the second number then the result is a flower, but if there are 2 numbers that are equal then the bet result is a twin.

Middle-edge button

Guess lottery numbers based on the middle number of edges that have been provided in online lottery gambling. On numbers including edges are from numbers 0 to 24 and 75 to 99, numbers including the middle are 25 to 74.